Friday, January 11, 2008

"You're spoiling him!"

That's what B said to me last night when he found me snuggling with Campbell on the sofa at 8:30. Campbell has been working on giving up one of his naps, and the days when he only takes one nap, he goes to bed without a problem. However, on the days when he takes two naps, like he did yesterday, he has a hard time going to bed. Last night I put him in his crib and made Pigeon give him some kisses and gave him his lovie and left the room, like I always do. Campbell was quiet for an hour, then he started crying. I went in and patted him and tucked him back in, but that only made him scream more. I gave him a few more minutes of crying before I went in to get him.

We snuggled on the sofa together while he drank a little more milk. Even after he finished his milk, Campbell was content to just sit quietly in my lap. He's figured out that if he's quiet and cuddly, I'll let him stay up, but that once he starts wiggling or trying to play he gets packed off to bed. We were sitting quietly watching Law and Order when B found us and accused me of spoiling him.

I couldn't argue with B; I am spoiling Campbell a little. But I can't help myself. Those sweet, quiet moments with Campbell are so rare these days. He's in constant motion during the day, and he won't sit in my lap for more than a moment. Plus, I know he's my last baby, so I need to enjoy the baby snuggles while I can.

Campbell is also in a particularly cute phase, destructive tendencies aside. Lately he's taken to climbing onto the sofa and flinging himself in my lap to give me wet slobbery kisses all over my face. He won't stop kissing me until I make a smacking noise and give him a kiss back. As soon as I do that, he slithers off my lap and takes off to destroy something new.
Besides, how can you not want to spoil someone who's so darn cute?

Don't worry - I'm not spoiling him to the point where he's not learning the meaning of the word "No," and I'm not letting him bite me or his sisters, like he wants to. I'm just spoiling him with love.


Anonymous said...

1. Don't give up on the caffeine. You've off it.
2. That nap thing is tricky. George is almost 5 and if he ever gets a nap (even 5 minutes) he won't go to bed.
3. Who's stalking who?

MadMad said...

That's not spoiling! That is fun - having a cute little one to hold while you watch TV (especially if they're being quiet!!!) is one of the paybacks for being a mom, I think!

Family Adventure said...

All I can say was...enjoy! He'll be older soon enough!