Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to Target

At the begining of the month I vowed not to go to Target for at least 30 days. I've come close a couple of times to breaking my vow - mostly on quiet Saturdays when my kids were with the m-i-l and I was bored. But I stopped myself from going and frittering away money on junk we don't really need.

This Saturday, however, I had to go to Target. I really did. Believe me, given that I had a migraine AND three kids to tote along, I didn't go because I wanted to.

Two weeks ago I was rear-ended on MoPac. Traffic had come to a quick stop. I managed to stop in time, but I watched the guy behind me in the mirror and braced myself for impact. Maybe if he had hit the brakes before he hit the horn, things would have turned out differently, but who am I to judge. It was a minor fender bender. My back bumper needs to replaced, and the guy who hit me will have to replace his license plate holder.

Anyway, when I was on the phone with the claims person from his insurance company, the man asked if I had kids in the car when I got hit. When I said yes, he asked if they had been in car seats. I said of course. And that's when he told me I needed to replace all the car seats. I said, "Really? It was such a minor accident. The airbags didn't even go off." He said, again, that I had to replace them all, even the girls' booster seats.

So off to Target we went for new car seats, which everyone thought was very exciting. We also needed to get a new bike helmet for Ella because the strap on her old one just snapped last week when she put it on. She ended up wearing my helmet home from the park while I risked possible brain damage.

I was very proud of myself when we left Target. I bought exactly what I went in there for: one car seat, two booster seats, one bike helmet, one gallon of milk, one thing of laundry detergent. I resisted the girls' pleas for new movies, and I didn't get any fun magazines. I bought only what we needed and walked out again.

Yay me.

But I'm starting the clock over again - no more Target for 30 days.


Family Adventure said...

I'm so pathetic, but I totally don't think you need to count this as an actual day to Target. Not really. You can just put this down as a "necessity", a trip forced upon you, not some frivolous spending spree. And that's totally different. Really.


Barb Matijevich said...

Now that I'm not really buying household stuff due to our move, I find I actually have more TIME to do things like knit. Partly that's because my house has to stay so clean because of showing it that I don't constantly have a list of things to do. I just DO THEM and nothing gets out of control. And partly it's because we can really get along with a lot less stuff to distract us...

LTYM said...

I would rather cut off my ear than give up Target. Good luck. Are you taking methadone?

(And Ella is my most favorite girl's name ever. I chose it in 1992, due to my huge love of Ella Fitzgerald, and had it picked out as our girl's name each time I was pregnant. Is her middle name "Grace"?)