Thursday, January 10, 2008

Caffeine withdrawal, day 2

First, a big thank you to everyone for their words of support and commiseration. I received more e-mails and comments about my posts on giving up caffeine than I have ever gotten before. Turns out it's a hot topic.

Now on to my progress. I decided to go cold turkey today, and it wasn't easy. I made coffee for B this morning, like I do every morning, and I really, really wanted to pour myself a cup. It turns out I really like that part of my morning routine, I just didn't know it until I couldn't have the coffee. My tall glass of cold milk, usually my favorite beverage, really didn't do a good job of taking coffee's place.

Once I got over missing part of my routine, the morning went well, until about 11:00 when I got a headache from hell. I was at my favorite bakery at the time, picking up treats for Barb and her daughters, and I was so tempted to order a large iced tea, knowing that it would be a simple fix for my headache. But I sucked it up and had my friend L bring some Aleve with her to the girls' ballet class.

The Aleve didn't really help the headache. I managed to hold things together through Lily's dance class, but I skipped going to the grocery store on the way home. I couldn't bear the thought of shepherding Lily and Campbell through Central Market with my head pounding like that.

Fortunately, B was at the house when we got home, so he hung out with Lily while Campbell and I took a nap. I slept for about two hours. While my head feels a bit better, I still have a headache.

Despite the headaches, I'm not giving up on getting caffeine out of my system. If cutting caffeine out of my diet will eliminate at least 1/4 of my migraines, a couple of days of headaches will be worth it.


Damsel said...

I'm so sorry about your headaches! I've so been there.

I think someone on a different post commented about replacing your morning coffee with decaffeinated tea? Maybe that would help?

t. Cooke said...

You're feeling the worst of it, I bet. Just a couple more days and you'll be a new woman!