Saturday, January 05, 2008

Knitting stuff

I've been busily knitting away this past month - when work and kids allow me the time. I finished the purse for my sister, which I knit on behalf of my mother who is supposed to be taking a break from knitting due to a hurt wrist. This is the purse before I felted it. I KNOW I took an after picture, but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe my sister will take a picture and send it to me. It looked really cool when it was finished, even if the handles didn't quite fuse to the purse correctly.

I finally finished the orange socks, which I've been working on for two months in between other projects. The pattern is bamboo walking socks, which is a lot of fun to work on. It's the perfect combination of a pattern and mindless knitting. I gave the socks to Aunt Alison, who loved them.
I also knit three pairs of baby booties and one baby hat out of this really cool self-striping sock yarn. I meant to take a picture of all the booties lined up, but I forgot.

And now for this. . . . My father-in-law gave me money for Christmas, and I wavered on what to use it for - new running shoes, a pedicure or three, new books. But then inspiration struck as I was wrestling with a skein of yarn, trying to wind it into a ball to begin knitting a hat for B. I bought myself a swift and ball winder off e-Bay. The contraptions arrived tonight, and I immediately pulled them out of the boxes and set them up. I proceeded to wind a skein of gorgeous raspberry wool from Mountain Colors into a ball. It looks neon in the picture, but it's not at all in person. I can't wait to begin knitting socks with it.

B laughed at me about the swift and ball winder, and then he laughed harder when I called my mother about them. He asked, "Calling someone who cares?" He just now walked past and asked if I was posting about the swift and ball winder so that all my "geeky knitting people" could see them. Brave words from a man who keeps asking me to knit things for him.


Family Adventure said...

LOL! You have to understand, for us non-knitting people, that contraption seems a tad out there! But we should watch our collective mouth - I, for one, would have loved a purse like the one you knitted for your mom. And frankly, I'd have no chance of getting one unless a knitter took pitty on me :)


hokgardner said...

I'll add you to my list of people to knit for.

Keeffer said...

there's a link to an after pic of the purse.

Anonymous said...

I linked to you from Hallie's blog. I don't knit, but I would never call you a geek for doing it, this is amazing stuff! I clicked back a few pages and looked at some other things you made, they are really cool. You are very talented. Enjoying looking around your site! You're kids are beautiful as well.

hokgardner said...

Thanks for visiting Pam!

Anonymous said...

You cant imagine how much Aunt Ali LOVES them!
Uncle Ty sure wouldnt mind a pair!
It's cold here in Texas!