Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Buckyballs, Bikes and Hermit Crabs

Christmas is over and done, and most of the gifts have found homes on shelves in the closets. The house is almost back to normal. Complete normalcy (whatever that may be) won’t happen until next week when the kids go back to school (thank you baby jeebus).

All in all, though, it was a very good Christmas – very relaxed, very low-key, very fun. I managed not to work myself into a lather making things “perfect,” and no one died or ended up in the hospital, which has happened in the past at Christmas. Ella was sick, but not enough to stop her from enjoying the day.

On Christmas Eve the big girls hatched a plan to wake up at 4:00 a.m., but I didn’t think they’d actually do it. I should never doubt the sheer combined will power of my daughters. I heard Ella coughing a little after 4:00 a.m. and went into the living room to find the girls sitting on the sofa playing a board game, happy as can be. Lily popped up and shouted, “Santa came, and he brought me a new bike!” I was initially upset that I hadn’t been there to see the look on Lily’s face when she discovered her new bike, but I got over it. The girls were so into the magic of Christmas and the tree and the presents and Santa that I couldn’t stay mad. But I did send them back  to bed with strict instructions to stay put until at least sunrise.

All of the kids except Elizabeth slept until almost 8, which was nice. The adults were able to have a cup of coffee before the festivities began.

At our house, present time is laid back and a lot of fun. It’s not a paper-filled melee of unwrapping. The kids love looking at each other’s gifts and exclaiming over them. Campbell declared each gift “just what I wanted!”  His enthusiasm was infectious. Elizabeth wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but she loved her “phresents.”

My sister sent B a set of Buckyball magnets as a gift, and everyone spent the rest of the day messing with them. They’re addictive little buggers. Although we do yell, “Don’t go near a computer!” every time one of the kids picks them up.

One of Ella’s favorite presents was a gift card to the pet store so that she could buy new hermit crabs. She was thrilled that Santa knew her hermit crab had died the week before. Quigley II and SuperCrab II have now joined Fred the First in the aquarium.

Our big family gift was an Xbox Kinect system. We haven’t ever had any type of gaming system in the house, and the kids hadn’t even asked for one. They jumped up and down and screeched when the box was opened.

While B concocted his traditional Christmas brunch of Eggs Montreal, my dad (runnerdude in the comments) hooked up the Kinect. I had as much fun watching the kids play as I did actually playing it.

When Lily wasn’t playing Kinect, she was begging for someone, anyone, to accompany her on bike rides. Runnerdude was a good sport and took her on a few laps around the block despite the cold.

We finished off the day with a viewing of “Despicable Me,” which was a huge hit. When it was over, we all went to bed tired and happy.

I think it really was one of the best Christmases we’ve ever had. It was filled with family, love and fun – just the way it should be.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This is why I can’t have anything nice

shower curtain

This is the shower curtain in the kids’ bathroom. It was a nice canvas shower curtain from Restoration Hardware.

Now it’s covered in grubby Campbell-sized hand and face prints.

Knittergran said that at least I have evidence that he’s washing his hands.

But given the amount of grime he’s leaving behind, I’m not too convinced he’s doing a very thorough job of washing.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not clear on the concept

During the past few weeks I’ve been attempting to make Campbell into a more productive member of our family, instead of the little prince he thinks he is. This means he is now expected to clear his own plate after dinner and to help his sisters sweep under the kitchen table.

I’m also trying to get him to clean up his own messes.

At school he willingly picks up toys and puzzles when his teacher asks him to. So I figured he could do it at home, too.

Things went well at first. One afternoon I told him to clean up his Legos, and when he informed me that he couldn’t, I pulled out the Santa threat – “Santa Claus doesn’t bring presents to little boys who don’t pick up their Legos.” Worked like a charm. He had his mess cleaned up in record time.

But my success was short lived.

On Monday I tasked the big girls and Campbell with cleaning up the front bedroom, which was an unholy mess. The girls whined and moaned but mostly did what they were asked.

Campbell, on the other hand, informed me that he was too tired/cold/hot/sick to help. I tried the Santa line – no luck. We had to bolt out the door to meet some friends, so I told Campbell he’d have to help clean up later.

Hours and lots of fun later, I told Campbell he had to pick up his toys in the bedroom. Again, I got the tired/cold/hot/sick excuses.

So I pulled out the biggest threat I could think of and told Campbell that if he didn’t clean up, he’d have to go to bed without dinner. He looked at me for a second and then, to my surprise, climbed into bed. I reminded him that no matter how hungry he got, he wouldn’t be getting any dinner. He pulled the covers up to his chin in response.

I kissed him goodnight and turned out the light, figuring that was that.

But an hour later, he started yelling from the bedroom that he was hungry. I ignored him for a while but then went in and reminded Campbell why he was in bed. In response he informed me that he had “wots of energy to pway, but not wots of energy to cwean.” I told him that he had to stay in bed. For two hours, he went back and forth between yelling that he wanted to come out and play and whining that he was hungry.

It was a long night, but I had hope that Campbell had learned his lesson.

Foolish, foolish me.

Yesterday I told him to pick up his Legos, which were scattered across the floor. He told me he was too tired/hot/cold/sick. I replied that if he didn’t pick them up, I’d take the Legos and put them up for three days.

“That’s OK, Momom. They’re boring anyway.”


So I picked up the Legos and put them on the highest shelf in the hall closet, and Campbell skipped away.

I’m wondering how many toys he’s going to have to lose and how many dinners he’s going to miss before Campbell gets a clue.

I’m guessing it’s going to be a lot.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sure, she looks sweet . . .


but looks can be deceiving. She’s likely plotting an evil scheme to drive me insane.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Knitting up a storm

I’d been in kind of a knitting funk during the past few months. I just couldn’t find any joy in knitting. And since it’s supposed to be a fun hobby, not a chore, my projects had been languishing. I had given up all thoughts of knitting Christmas gifts for anyone.

But then I decided to knit a cowl for Aunt A as a thank you gift. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the cowl, but it was out of this gorgeous handspun that I received as a gift a few years ago. It was just so lovely to work with, and the cowl turned out beautifully.

And that was enough to end my knitting funk. As I’ve finished projects, I’ve been piling them up on a desk in my room.


It’s such a satisfying pile. It includes . . .


A bulky button hat in super chunky alpaca


Mis-matched socks for Ella that are too small (I’m convinced her feet grew as I was knitting)


A hat in Jarrod Flood’s Turn a Square pattern, yarn is Andy’s Merino, Colorway Mardi Gras


Another Turn a Square hat in Cascade 220 and Noro Cash Garden


Yet another Turn a Square hat in Cascade 220 and Noro Silk Garden


A cowl in Malabrigo Rasta, colorway Zarzamor (the picture doesn’t do the colors justice)


Another cowl, this one with a twist, in Malabrigo Rasta, colorway idon’tremember


Another cowl in Cascade Baby Alpaca, which made me itch and sneeze


And, finally, socks that I started in August. Yarn is Shi Bui. I used two skeins, which apparently were dyed just a tad differently, because the striping patterns don’t match.

I’m waiting on a delivery of more Malabrigo Rasta from a store in Atlanta. All the yarn shops here ran out and couldn’t get any more in stock. The store in Atlanta isn’t even sure they’ll be able to get me any. I hope so. It’s lovely stuff to work from .

And, yes, I have recipients in mind for all of these items.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Campbell's Christmas Greetings

He sang this in the car for 45 minutes the other day.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas pictures

Last Monday I crammed the kids into jeans and matching white shirts, brushed their hair, bribed them with the promise of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and hustled them outside for our annual attempt at Christmas card pictures.

I took approximately 70 pictures in about seven minutes. Thank goodness for my new camera. Out of the 70, I got three contenders for the card. And the only reason I was able to use the one I did is that Liz from Peace, Love & Guacamole has Photoshop and isn’t afraid to use it.

Here are some of the outtakes.


Can you please look at the camera?


Ella, please stop choking your sister.


Elizabeth, sit down please!


Lily! Get off me!


Stop squinting!

But the sun is in our eyes.


Lily, can you please just give me one normal smile?


Aha! We have our winner, except for the speed limit sign next to Lily’s head.


Thank goodness for friends with Photoshop.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Worm Winners–Round Two

Well, try to give a woman a can of worms . . .

Wendi declined her prize of a can of worms because she also hosted Oxfam giveaways over at her site and at Mouthy Housewives.

Fortunately, I still had my knitting bag filled with names. So I enlisted my husband’s help in drawing another winner.

photo 4

Congratulations to Cheryl!

E-mail me at hokgardner (at) gmail (dot) com to make arrangements for your worms.

Thanks again to every one who entered.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Worm Winners

Last week I announced a giveaway of two cans of worms from Oxfam. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Because I don’t know how to use one of those random number generators that other bloggers use for their giveaways, I went old-school and wrote everyone’s name on scraps of paper.

photo 1

Next, I emptied out one of my many knitting bags and put all the papers in it. (Every time I come home with a new knitting bag, B asks just how many knitting bags I need, anyway. My answer is always, “One for every project. D’uh!”)

Then I enlisted some cute little helpers to draw the names. And our winners are . . .

photo 2

Becky from Tales of Princess Mikkimoto


photo 3

Wendi of WendiAarons.com.

Congratulations ladies. E-mail me directly at hokgardner (at) gmail (dot) com to work out donation arrangements.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Running Blues

After so many months of training for the NYC Marathon, I’ve hit a running slump. I took a week off after the race, as planned, but since then, my running has been terrible.

My motivation to get up in the wee dark hours to run has vanished. Most mornings I lie in bed for five minutes, arguing with myself about whether I’m getting up.  The fact that Elizabeth has stopped sleeping through the night hasn’t helped me, either. When I’m up with her twice in the night, the idea of waking up on purpose at 5:00 isn’t appealing.

On the mornings that I do make it out the door to run, I generally feel terrible. It’s like I’m starting from scratch, which is discouraging. Four weeks ago, I covered 26.2 miles. Three weeks before that, I ran a great 18 miles. And now I stagger through four miles.

During my scheduled week off I considered running a half marathon that’s scheduled for this weekend. Once I started back, I had to get rid of that plan. So I decided I’d run the 3M Half in early February. But now I’m thinking that might not happen either.

When I grumbled to B about all of this, he helpfully pointed out that I’m 40, not 29 like the last time I ran a marathon. Sigh.

In the meantime, I’ll keep slogging along, hoping that at some point my body will remember what it’s supposed to be doing.

Today is the last day to enter my Can of Worms Giveaway. Winners will be announced tomorrow.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Morning Mess



Elizabeth decided to make her own breakfast this morning.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway. So far only 11 people have entered, so your odds of winning a can of worms are really, really good.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

A giveaway!

I’m always a little slow to catch on to trends, but I say it’s because I like to wait and see what the cool kids are doing. This year a lot of the cool kids, specifically Wendi, Marinka and Ann, are holding holiday giveaways, and I’m going to copy them.

I’m going to donate cans of worms through Oxfam. Two lucky winners can each have a can of worms donated in their name or the name of a family member of friend.

I can’t think of anything request for comments like Wendi, Marinka and Ann, so just leave a comment telling me you’d like to enter. Winners will be drawn next Thursday, December 9.