Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One bright spot

What with Ella's meltdown, Lily's and Campbell's illnesses, and B's second set of facets injections in his neck today, it's been a tough week. I've been feeling pretty worn down and discouraged.

Today, one of my best friends, H, watched Campbell while I took B for his injections, and when I picked Campbell up, H handed me a note. In the note was a list of all the things H thinks of when she thinks about me. It is a wonderful list of very nice traits that I sometimes forget I have. There was also a lovely note on the back. I sobbed when I read it. And I teared up again when I dropped her son off after preschool and saw her. It is without a doubt the kindest, sweetest thing any friend has done for me. It means more than I can ever fully express.

I will treasure that note forever and will keep it someplace safe so I can pull it out on bad days as a reminder. So thank you H; you provided one bright spot in a very dark and dreary week.


The Kretzings said...

What a wonderful gift! Hand-written ANYTHING is such a lost art nowadays, but to have a hand-written list of very nice things that someone thinks about when they think of absolutely priceless.

My mom would always write me letters often, even though she could call or email. Even if its content was nothing of notable importance, it was still wonderful to receive a hand-written letter.

Family Adventure said...

And what good timing, on a day like today! You are lucky to have such a good friend. Enjoy!

Hope wellness reigns in your house this weekend!