Monday, January 07, 2008

Seeking a new name

So I think my blog needs a new name, something more descriptive than my initials and last name. I'll keep the same url, because now that I actually have more than two readers (Hi mom and dad!), I want everyone to still be able to find me.

But I'm stumped on the name. I want something clever and reflective of the topics of my blog, which are pretty far ranging. How do you encompass mothering, knitting, running, freelancing, and general blathering in a brief phrase?

The one title I keep coming back to is "On the verge of . . ." I like it because it's ambiguous as to what I'm on the verge of. It could be on the verge of greatness, or of insanity, or of brilliance, or of stupidity. I could be on the verge of anything.

But I'm not sold on that as the title, so I'm opening up the floor for suggestions. Anyone got anything for me?


Family Adventure said...

Ack! I'm the wrong person to ask, I suck at coming up with these types of titles...

I will say that I kinda like your existing title. It's different!


t. Cooke said...

Adventures on Romera.

1 husband, 3 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog and a lot of running to do.

The hokgardner experience.

What matters most is how you walk though fire. (C. Bukowski quote)