Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What a contrast

Here's an article about a mother who is such a contrast to the mom who made last week's news. I loved that she referred to herself as the "meanest mom on the planet" in her ad. And bravo to her for sticking to her guns on her rule of no alcohol in the car. I think I'll file this one away for when and if our kids get cars. We'll make them sign a contract, AND I'll do something similar if they break the rules.

B's dad did something similar when B was 15. B's dad had gotten him an MG convertable to drive when he turned 16. But B and one of his friends decided that they couldn't wait that long and snuck out one night in it. They got busted by the cops, of course, and the parents got called to pick them up at the police station. B's dad, as a punishment, gave the car away shortly thereafter. B was crushed. He still talks about it, to this day.


Damsel said...

I LOVE this news story. I referenced it today, too!

P.S. Linked to you through Barb!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

What a lesson to learn!! B has probably been mourning the loss of that car every since... :)