Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Barf - gross-out alert

I have a pretty strong stomach when it comes to icky kid stuff. I haven't yet met a diaper that phased me, and I can handle cuts and scrapes without a problem - except for Campbell's Thanksgiving gash (which cost us $600, by the way), but I cannot handle vomit. The smell of it makes me start gagging. I've actually thrown up while loading vomit-covered sheets into the washing machine. Normally, B handles the clean up while I comfort the child.

Last night I gave Campbell his pre-bed cup of milk and stood up to take him off to his room. He puked all over the floor. I figured it was just a really big urp and took him in his room to change his clothes. We got as far as the hallway before he threw up again, this time all over me.

I got him changed and settled him down while B did the clean up. After about 30 minutes with no more vomit, I popped Campbell into bed. Fifteen minutes later he started screaming. I went in and found him and his crib covered. So I stripped him and sent B in to pull everything out of the crib and load it in the washer.

Campbell threw up one more time, but we got him safely tucked into bed, vomit-free by about 9:00. I was mad at B and Ella, thanks to her thermonuclear meltdown over a toy, so I stomped off to bed to read.

About half an hour later, B came in to tell me that Lily had thrown up all over her bed. This time, I ended up cleaning it all up while B took Lily off to our bathroom for a shower. And when I say all over her bed, I mean it. She got the wall next to the bed, her headboard, all her pillows, most of her stuffed animals, and her various little blankets in addition to the floor. I have visions of her head spinning around as she threw up.

We finally got everything cleaned up and Lily tucked back into bed at about 10:00. B put a big pot next to her in bed as her barf bucket, which came in handy about half an hour later and again at 3:00 am.

Fortunately, we've been vomit free all morning, but between Ella's tantrum and the illness, I'm wiped out, physically and emotionally. The kids are in bed for a nap, and I think I'm going to lie down, too.


Damsel said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry... I hope everyone feels better soon!

Jet has this AMAZING talent wherein he can travel from one side of our (1300 sq ft) house in the middle of the night, passing TWO toilets on the way, JUST to urp on my side of the bed. Miraculous, no?

MadMad said...

Oh my goodness! When it rains, it pours, huh? Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Family Adventure said...

Ack! Sending lots of get well vibes your way. Hope you're all better tomorrow!


t. Cooke said...

I want pictures of the barf, please.