Friday, January 11, 2008

Caffeine withdrawal, day 3

I thought for sure that by day 3 I'd be through the worst of the withdrawal, but I'm not. I didn't crave coffee this morning, but the lack-of-caffeine-induced headache kicked in earlier today than it did yesterday, and instead of having a plain old headache like I had yesterday, I definitely have a full-blown migraine. I popped three Advil liquid gels, just like my doctor recommended . . . and nothing happened. Even though I've already taken Imitrex once this week, I took another one an hour or so ago. I'll risk the possible rebound migraine in exchange for not throwing up all day.

What gets me is that I know it's an easy problem to solve. All I have to do is drink a cup of coffee and all this goes away. But now that I'm three days in, I can't give up. However, if the headaches go on much longer or get much worse, I may rethink that position.

And I promise, no more whiny posts about this. You won't hear about caffeine withdrawal again until I'm successful.

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Damsel said...

There is nothing wrong with blogging about your caffeine withdrawal! It's your life, and your blog. I did think about you this morning as I poured my coffee.... :P