Sunday, January 13, 2008

New blog title

I finally decided on a new blog title, no thanks to any of my readers except t. cooke. He's the only one who suggested a new name. Perhaps I should have made it a contest.

I came up with the new title today while reading Calvin and Hobbes with Ella. The dynamic duo are sitting in a tree discussing their plans for the day, which mostly involve waiting for Susie to walk under the tree so they can drop a water balloon on her. Hobbes says, "I love summer." Calvin responds with, "The days are JUST packed."

I like the quote for two reasons. First, it reminds me of summers when I was a kid, when we did a whole lot of nothing. We'd go to the pool for a few hours, we'd ride our bikes around, we'd climb trees, and then when the afternoon thunderstorms rolled in, we'd head inside to read or watch old "Leave it to Beaver" shows. Those were great days, and I hope I can provide my kids with the same sort of summer memories.

Second, the quote pretty accurately describes my life. My days are packed with kids and their schools and work (both house and paying) and errands and running and knitting and reading. Some days, when I'm feeling like I've been a lazy slug, I'll write down everything I've done in a day, and I'm amazed at what I've accomplished. Needless to say, I don't have a lot of down time.

This blog has never been about just one thing - kids, running, knitting - but rather about all the pieces of my life, all the things that pack my days full. So the new title seems particularly appropriate.

My days are just packed.


Keeffer said...

Honestly- that's how i feel and i don't have three kids and a husband. i can only imagine.

Family Adventure said...

I remember that particular Calvin and Hobbes from way back in University. I always liked it.


MadMad said...

Love the new title! I just couldn't think of one to help out!