Saturday, January 05, 2008

This is why I live in Texas

I'm apologizing in advance to readers like Hallie and Heidi who, by the look of the pictures they've posted, are drowning in snow.

But today is one of those perfect days here in Austin. It was 61 degrees when I ran at 6:30 this morning, which was quite a change from the 36 degrees we ran in yesterday morning. Now it's in the low 70s with big-ass Texas blue skies without a cloud in sight.

The kids have spent pretty much all morning playing outside, first in the front yard with their friends and then in the back yard with each other. As soon as we finish lunch, we'll be hopping on our bikes and riding up to the park for more outdoors time.

It's just a really, really lovely day. Someone remind of this post in August when I'm bitching about weeks of the 100+ degree weather that I hate ever so much.

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Family Adventure said...

LOL! I appreciate the apology - especially as we just today are experiencing the year's first major snowstorm. It's been snowing since yesterday morning, and they are expecting it to continue until Tuesday morning!!!!!

So your weather sounds pretty dreamy right about now...enjoy it and I'll make sure to remind you of this post come next August :)