Monday, January 21, 2008

It's going to be one of those days

I can tell already that it is going to be one of those days. Ella and Lily both have the day off of school due to the holiday. I had planned to test out my new bike rack and take all the kids and our bikes and bike trailer down to the Trail for a ride. It would have been Lily's first trip down there to ride without training wheels. The girls were THRILLED when I said we'd do it.

But that plan is not to be.

First, it's raining, so no bike riding.

Second, Lily and Campbell are sick. Campbell just has a runny nose and a bad attitude. He's smart enough now to run away whenever he sees me coming with a Kleenex, so he has a perpetual trail of slime on his face. Ick.

Lily is worse off. She's running a fever and complaining of a sore throat, which worries me. Apparently, strep throat is making the rounds of preschools. One of Lily's friends, with whom she had a play date last week, has strep, and I'm afraid germs may have been shared before our little friend was showing any signs of being ill. When she's sick, Lily just turns puny and whiny, and she wants to be in my lap constantly, which isn't convenient when I'm trying to clean up the house and get some work done.

Ella, however, is healthy, and I'm predicting lots of complaints about boredom today. I'm hesitant to call in reinforcements and send her off to a friend's house because maybe she's on the verge of having whatever Lily has. I'd hate to be "that" mom who sends her sick kid off to play. I think I may have to resort to letting Ella watch the fourth Harry Potter movie, which Lily isn't allowed to watch, while Lily is napping. The promise of the special movie is usually enough to buy a fair amount of cooperation from Ella.

Fortunately, I started the day with a good, if damp, run. It's the first time in weeks that I haven't come home borderline hypothermic. With any luck, the endorphins from the run will enable me, and the children, to survive the day.


Family Adventure said...

Hope the kids feel better soon, and that Ella enjoys her movie :)

Good for you, running in the rain!!


Anonymous said...

Ah, Nemo's got the perma-snot, too. Hope your little ones are doing better soon - we have had one virus after another around here - fevers and snot, but they are short lived. Hope yours is the same.