Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Smarter than the dog

Back in November I declared Campbell as least as smart as our dog. Today I was able to up that assessment to smarter than the dog.

We had to go pick Lily up from preschool, so I told Campbell it was time to get in the car. He bolted to the front door, like he always does, but then he stopped and looked at his feet, which were bare. He turned around, trundled into his room and emerged holding his shoes out to me. I was so impressed that a. he knew he needed shoes, and b. he knew where they were. I praised him to the skies for getting his shoes, to which he replied "zhoosz," which is similar to how he says juice. I have to use context to interperet what he says much of the time.

When I talked to my parents today, I told them about Campbell's getting his shoes for me, and dad was happy to hear that his grandson is smarter than our dog. Now if I can only get his common sense to catch up a bit; he's fallen off the same chair three times today.


Barb Matijevich said...

Just think: he's ALWAYS been smarter than OUR dog! An AMOEBA is smarter than our dog, though, so I'm not saying much.

Anonymous said...

My son has the same lack of common sense - he either falls off the same chair multiple times a day, or he climbs up on the table only to scare himself silly and be unable to get down. Good for zhooz.

LTYM said...

You just know your dog is shaking his head & going, "Damn. That kid's finally passed me. Well, it was good while it lasted, I guess. Hey, where's my tail?"