Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bah humbug

I know there's a movement in the bloggy world to post something about love every Thursday, and given that today is Valentine's Day, I'm sure there will be lots of Love Thursday posts. But this isn't one of them.

A writer in today's paper referred to the day as one of "oppresive mandatory fun," and that description perfectly suits my attitude about the day. So many holidays seem to be artificial constructs developed by greeting card and party supply stores to get people to buy things. I know that Valentine's Day has a religious origin, but so do Halloween and St. Patrick's day, both of which have just turned into an excuse for grown-ups to get drunk and act like idiots. A religious origin doesn't seem to mean much these days.

I tell my husband and my kids that I love them many times a day. I find ways every day to show my love - tucking a surprise treat in Ella's snack bag, snuggling with Lily after Ella goes off to school, smothering Campbell with kisses, making coffee for my husband every morning even though I can't drink it. Why do I need a greeting card company to force me to show my love for my family?

So instead of being loving toward my husband and kids today, I end up being surly and grouchy. It happens every year. B and I swore off any big celebrations of the day years ago, and it's a good thing we did. We have a lousy track record with the holiday. Tonight, he's cooking dinner, provided he can come home from the office early enough. And honestly, that's enough for me. Having him cook dinner and put the kids to bed is the best gift he could possibly give me.

I do try to suck it up for the girls, though. They both woke up so excited about the day that they were singing. Ella's class is giving a concert of love songs for the other first grade classes, and I took Lily to school this morning even though I have to pick her up early for "ballelet" so that she could be there for at least part of her class party. They both picked out red dresses and skirts to wear, and Lily insisted on a pink bow in her hair. I, however, am wearing green.

For the sake of my own mood, I think I'll forgo reading any mushy Love Thursday posts today. They'll just make me feel worse.


t. Cooke said...

Horray! I'm with you! Pilgrim and I got zip for each other today because we do stuff throughout the year for each other. Also, the thought of going out on a such a crowded night seems crazy. There's nothing wrong with your feelings at all.

The Kretzings said...

S and I do the same thing. We don't celebrate this holiday, but we know we have to pull it together for the kiddos.

Seamus O'Pine said...

It's BECAUSE of the religious origins that we get drunk and act like idiots.