Monday, February 18, 2008

"But it's Presidents' Day!"

That's what Ella wailed when I rousted her out of bed this morning. She was operating under the mistaken belief that school is closed on all holidays. She has no idea why Presidents' Day is a holiday, but she's very sure that she shouldn't have to go to school. I'm not telling her that the little boy across the street, who goes to private school, didn't have school today. That would just be salt in her wounds. She probably would have protested having to go to school on Valentine's Day if it hadn't been for the lure of cards and candy.

I can kind of see where she gets the idea, though. It seems that we've had a day off of school every other week since the end of winter break, and I'm getting tired of it. Every time we get into the swing of our school routine, we get jammed up by a three-day weekend. The worst part is that they aren't real holidays, ones that would keep B home from work, so I'm trapped here with three bored kids bouncing off the walls and furniture.

I pushed Ella out of the car this morning despite her complaints of the unjustness of the universe. When I got home I looked at the school calendar and noticed that Ella has next Monday off - parent-teacher conference day. Sigh. Two weeks after that we have Spring Break. Doesn't the school district know that it's highly inconvenient for us to have the kids underfoot that much?

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