Saturday, February 16, 2008

Runners in the mist

When I woke up at 6:00 to go running, B told me I was an idiot. Surprisingly, he'd already been out to get the paper, and he told me that it was so wet that it might as well be raining. I said that as long as it wasn't pouring, I'd be fine. He again called me an idiot and crawled back into bed with the baby monitor by his pillow.

Turns out it was a great morning for running. The mist never turned into rain, and it was "warm" enough for shorts, a long sleeved shirt and vest. I wore a cap, but that was just to keep the mist off my face, not to protect my head from the cold.

I met up with two running friends, and we headed out to run the Windsor Loop, which is my favorite route in Austin. It winds through some really pretty areas with gorgeous old homes and includes a few challenging hills. I always feel that I've really accomplished something when I finish the Windsor Loop. This morning I felt great the whole way and handled the hills without too much difficulty, which is kind of amazing considering that I haven't done a hill run in months.

The best part of it all was that when I got home, everyone was still asleep. I was able to take a long, hot shower to stave off hypothermia without interruption from kids complaining that they were hungry, thirsty or bored.

Today's forecast is for more rain and mist, with the possibility of severe storms. I think we're going to stay in all day, wearing pajamas, and do fun at-home stuff. It's the perfect day for it, especially since I got my run in already.

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