Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm still without a computer, thanks to that $*&@*(&# virus. B has spent the whole afternoon researching fixes, trying the fixes, and cursing when the fixes don't work.

It turns out that being without a computer has been good for me. I didn't realize how much time I was spending in front of the monitor checking e-mails, looking at Facebook and Twitter and reading blogs. I've gotten a lot more done around the house, and I'm finishing Christmas knitting projects way ahead of schedule. I've also caught up on movies I wanted to watch, and I beat B four times in a row at Trivial Pursuit on his iPhone.

I've tried to go whole weekends without being online before, but in the end I always end up turning on the computer for a "quick check" of my e-mail. Now that I don't have the option of checking e-mail, unless my husband lets me use his computer, which he only does when he can stand over my shoulder and yell "don't click on any links!" it's much easier to stay offline.

Whenever my computer is repaired, I'll be making a much more concerted effort to spend less time on it (for at least a few days).


Baino said...

I'm hopeless without my computer. Fortunately, *touch wood* Macs seem to be fairly resistent to viruses. I hope you manage to salvage your files though. So disappointing when you loose stuff.

Amy said...

It would take a computer crash to rid my back of the monkey, no question. I am seriously addicted! Enjoy your productivity!!