Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dead in the water

Of course this happened with only three days left in Nablopomo. Pretty much our entire home computer network has taken ill with a nasty virus. It started on Tuesday with the laptop, which started giving me error messages saying there was a virus and did I want to run a scan. Fortunately, I recognized that the "virus protection software" trying to run wasn't our normal stuff and shut the computer down. Unfortunately, the virus still took hold, and the laptop may be completely dead.

B has been giving me a hard time about visiting p*rn sites, because that's where people usually pick up this type of problem. Plus, until he disabled the wireless card, the laptop kept opening p*rn site after p*rn site. Even more embarrassing, B's been telling our friends and family about my new "habit." Sigh.

This morning I turned on my desktop and got the same error messages as on the laptop. I didn't touch anything and yelled for B, who started swearing - loudly. He then disconnected the computer from the network in the hopes of preventing the virus from spreading any further.

Right now I'm camped out on his desktop, which seems to be problem free for the moment. He's doing lots of backing up of everything on the network and then disconnecting back-up drives. B's poor neck is still giving him problems (he's going in for an epidural this week), and he's had to sit at the computers all day today trying to fix everything, so far without any luck.

Keep your fingers crossed that we can disinfect everything. I don't want to think what the alternatives might be. New computers aren't exactly in the budget right now.


Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

Good luck with that virus. Have you been looking for naked pictures of Taylor Lautner? ;)

Cookie said...

Yuck @ the virus! Hope someone is able to fix it. My hubby is good at that. That's why I married him, just so I'd never be without internet service. I'm an addict, i know.
An epidural?! That sounds serious! Hope everything is ok.