Thursday, November 12, 2009


I've gotten a number of questions about yesterday's post on getting B.otox for migraines. Here are some answers.

Why are you spelling it B.otox? I'm doing it to keep my blog out of the results for any searches for the term. People searching for cheap B.otox injections in strange places aren't my target demographic. Not that I really have any idea what my target demographic is.

I've never heard of getting B.otox for migraines. Does it work? Women who got injections for wrinkle removal started reporting that they no longer suffered from migraines. B.otox is a neurotoxin that paralyzes nerves and muscles, which is how it gets rid of wrinkles - it paralyzes the little tiny muscles in the face, allowing them to relax. It also prevents those muscles from doing things like lifting eyebrows.

Doctors discovered that it also paralyzes the nerves that cause pain when a migraine hits. It doesn't stop migraines, it just deadens the pain.

Does insurance cover it? No. Because it's an "off-label" use of the stuff, insurance does not cover the injections, which run about two hundred bucks. But I could end up evening things out if I don't have to pay 35 bucks a month for my Imitrex.

How long does it last? The doctors that I've spoken to have said the injections last anywhere from four to six months.

How long have you had migraines? I remember having them when we lived in Massachusetts, which was when I was seven. They've gotten more severe as the years have gone by.

Have you tried . . ? Yes, I've tried everything. I have taken a laundry list of medications - from daily preventives to stuff that supposedly stops the migraines when they start. I have yet to take a daily medicine whose side effects don't make me more sick. The only thing that has worked consistently has been Imitrex, and that works about 70 percent of the time. When it works, it's great. But when it doesn't, I end up in bed for hours, if not days. The pain is bad enough that I understand why in ancient times they bored holes in people's skulls to let the bad spirits out. I had a migraine last week that was so bad that I would have been willing to take a drill to my head.

You realize you're just one step closer to looking like a Real Housewife of the OC? I still have a few more steps to go - like giant fake boobs, bleach blond hair, fake tan, sugar daddy for a husband/boyfriend.

Will you post before an after pictures? Yes.


calicobebop said...

Best of luck!!

Shelly said...

Yea, pictures!

How do you spell "yea"? Like I did or with an "h"? I might have to switch to "wahoo"

Unknown said...

good luck. migraines SO SUCK

Cookie said...

Wow! How did it go? I hope FDA approves Botox as a treatment for migraines. I would love to try it, but my insurance wont cover it until it's approved. But they do cover transgender surgies. But as my husband pointed out, they'll only pay for that once per person.

LTYM said...

Can't wait for the before/after pictures.

And I'm ordering you a CUFF LOVE.

Amy said...

I feel debilitated by a sinus headache, so I can truly only imagine the horror of a migraine. Believe you me, I would B.otox for that in a heartbeat -- and I, like you, am bare-faced, gray, and fine w/it. Here's fingers crossed that it works!