Monday, November 09, 2009

Keeping my mouth shut

B had more surgery on his neck today - the same type of procedure he had last winter. We spent two hours in the waiting room before B was taken back to pre-op. CNN was on in the waiting area, and health care reform was the prime topic. During that time, I had the fun of listening to two people whose spouses were back having surgery talk about how Obama is going to ruin this country with his health care proposal and how in five years people won't even be able to go to doctors' offices anymore because they won't exist.

The more they talked, the faster I knitted, just to keep myself from shouting at them.

Later, while B was in surgery, I was in the waiting room with just one other man. At one point, CNN was interviewing a legislator about the House health care bill that was just passed, and the man shouted, "What if Americans don't want reform?" and looked at me to agree with him. Again, I kept my mouth shut and knitted.

The kicker was that all of these people looked to be the right age to be on Medicare, which means they have government-run health care. The hypocrisy makes me want to scream.

One a positive note, I finished a shawl I've been knitting for a while.


Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

Old people have nothing better to do but shout at the TV. By showing restraint you finished your shawl. Way to knit!

Agent P or MamaJan said...

OMG, my father in law is going to bust a gut shouting at the TV. Congrats on the shawl, you can call it your mouth-shut shawl...

Unknown said...

my fave quote so far is a guy who was holding a sign that said "keep you government paws off my medicare..."

and then there is my MIL who had advanced cancer and is now in remission 6 years later after surgery, chemo and lots of dr visits and got one bill...for a total
of $15.95. And she is against reform.

And the thing I say is I like the public option because it's a public OPTION!!!!!!

donna said...

I hear you..seems like there are a lot of very vocal opponents and yet there seems to be a lot of supportes as well..maybe we are just not as vocal that's all. I'm from a country that does have a universal health care system...and while its not perfect by any means...NO-ONE goes without medical care...No-one! It's not a socialist ideal its a humanitarian one. has your running been going? I have gotten back into my running and am really enjoying it.