Monday, November 19, 2007

"You're going to be like your mom if you're not careful."

That's what B said to me just a few minutes ago after he walked through the kitchen and saw four skeins of yarn on the counter. "But those are from my mom," I protested. Mom is having me knit some Christmas presents for her while she's injured, and she sent me the yarn this weekend. There are two more skeins from mom in a bag next to the front door that I'm supposed to use to knit my own present. She finished the first half - a beautiful scarf - before injury set in. She sent me the yarn and the pattern for the hat to match. I'll put those at the end of my project list for now.

It's a good thing B didn't see the three new skeins of sock yarn in our bedroom, and that he didn't see the receipt. Barb and I went to a new knitting store here in town, and I just couldn't help myself. The shop had this self-striping sock yarn in the most brilliant colors. I bought three skeins, even though I know I have a long list of projects to finish before I can start on socks again. I have a bunch of friends who are about to pop with babies - I think I may use some of the yarn to knit some funky baby booties, like the ones mom knit for Campbell before he was born. Maybe if I get really ambitious, I'll knit some baby hats, too.

But first, I get to figure out how to knit and felt a purse.


Suburban Correspondent said...

That line probably should be on the list of "Things Husbands Should Never Say To Their Wives."

MadMad said...

Those booties are so cute! Let me know if you have problems with the purses!

Amanda said...

I found great pattern for a felted purse here:

It's gorgeous, and just uses the one skein of SWS.

hokgardner said...

Thanks for the link Amanda. I'll check it out.