Friday, November 09, 2007

Notes to my neighbors

So here is the text of a note I need to leave TWO different neighbors -

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you so much for coming to our Halloween potluck dinner. I'm glad that your family was able to join us in what I hope will be an annual tradition. The brownies/salad you brought were delicious. Please send me the recipe.

I loved seeing all the kids together in their costumes. B and I feel very blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful neighbors who are also such good friends.

I am very sorry it has taken be so long to return your baking dish/casserole. I meant to do it yesterday; I loaded Campbell into his stroller and carefully stacked all of the dishes I was returning to friends in the basket under Campbell's seat. Unfortunately, I didn't do a good job of balancing everything, and your dish fell out. You know how Pyrex isn't supposed to break in extreme temperatures? It turns out it's no match for gravity and a concrete driveway. I discovered that a Pyrex dish, dropped from a height of six inches will EXPLODE if it hits the driveway just right.

So here is your new baking dish/casserole with my apologies for the delay. I'll probably see you out in my front yard, as I continue picking shards of glass out of the landscaping.



Suburban Correspondent said...

I hate being responsible for other people's dishes. I either forget to return them or I break them. Or both.

Family Adventure said...

OH NO! That's kinda funny, and not...I am glad you had a good potluck, though! Next time, maybe they can bring the dishes home that night?! :)

MadMad said...

Ha! But shouldn't they have to come pick up their dishes on their own? I mean, it's only fair, right?