Friday, November 09, 2007

Good job, Campbell

I had a hair appointment this morning, and I had to take Campbell with me. I have a sitter every Tuesday morning, but I use those precious hours to do fun things like go to meetings for work and volunteer at Lily's school. OK, volunteering at Lily's school is fun, but not as fun as something like a morning at the spa.

This morning I went to the hairdresser's armed with Campbell's stroller, a cup of milk, lots of graham crackers, and some fun toys. Bless his little heart, he behaved perfectly the whole time. He flirted with everyone there. He played with my cell phone, and he ate his crackers. Campbell didn't lose patience until Pam was almost finished blowing dry my hair. I set him free for a few minutes as I was paying, and he was just so thrilled.

Even better than his sitting still through my hair appointment is that Campbell took a nap when we got home, despite having fallen asleep for five minutes in the car. A snooze in the car usually guarantees that Campbell won't take a real nap at home.

So it's been a successful morning - I got a hair cut AND I've had an hour to get work done. Whee.


MadMad said...

Now, that IS a good day! (Though it's kinda sad, isn't it, that that's all it takes to make our day!) Anyway, yay!

Family Adventure said...

What a perfect little boy you are raising there! So well mannered :)


Suburban Correspondent said...

So, we're both on a "good hair" high right now, hmmm?