Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Knitting Project, Part III

Here's the final installment of mom's knitting gallery. There are a few more sweaters she's made for the girls that I haven't posted, but I figured it was time to show off the stuff she made for me and for Campbell.

Mom gave me this purse for my birthday. It looks neon in the picture, but in real life it's not at all. She said that she started out with a huge, somewhat shapeless bag that she then washed several times in hot water to "felt" it. Amazingly, the huge shapeless bag turned into this really cool purse. I've had knitters stop me in stores and at the car wash to ask if I knit and felted the purse myself. I guess true knitters recognize good work!

Mom started this bunting for Campbell before he was born, but she couldn't finish until he had arrived because she wanted the buttons to be on the right side - like a new baby would know the difference between girl-side and boy-side buttons. But it was worth the wait - it kept him toasty warm last winter, especially one day when his diaper exploded all over his clothing, and he rode home in the car bundled into this little suit.

Mom gave me the hat and booties last May when we were in Atlanta for my dad's birthday. They are without a doubt the hippest, coolest combo I've ever seen on a baby. There is another tinier pair of booties, but they don't have the cool tassle on the heel. Campbell outgrew both sets of booties pretty quickly, but the hat is big enough and stretchy enough that he should be able to wear it again this winter, provided he'll agree to leave the hat on for longer than 10 seconds.

This was Campbell's first official Christmas sweater from Gran. It's a gorgeous basketweave pattern. The folded sleeve is hiding a spit-up stain that I haven't been able to get out. I need to try again before I pack it into the cedar chest for my grandchildren to wear someday.

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