Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hi everybody!

I have a hidden widget on my blog tht counts the number of hits the page gets every day. Most days I get about 15 visitors, and I know who three of them are. But then I joined the National Blog Posting Month, and my blog got listed in something called a randomizer, and I got 80 hits that day. Eighty hits! I know that's small change compared to the Yarn Harlot and the Pioneer Woman, but it's more than I've ever gotten; more than the day I finally announced to family and friends that I was keeping a blog and they all checked it out once.

Some of the people who stopped by left nice comments, and I got to visit their blogs and read some fun stuff. So to all my readers, new and old, welcome. Stop by again soon.


Family Adventure said...

I guess this NaBloBlahBlah is good for something, then! I didn't sign up because I didn't think I could handle the pressure :)

It's always nice to hear from new people. I heart your blog already.


hokgardner said...

Thank you for the nice comment. BTW, the kids and I ate breakfast by candlelight this morning. They loved it. Thanks for the idea!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Darn - that's why my counts were so high a few days ago. And here I thought I was hitting the big time.

MadMad said...

You mean your family came to visit?! That's impressive. Mine did one of those "Oh, a blog..." things, and NEVER EVEN CAME BY ONCE. Can you believe that? My friends either. Bunch o' weirdos.

Family Adventure said...

Oh, that's so great that you had breakfast by candlelight! Did they like it? My boys really enjoy it. A bit too much, really.