Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's official

I'm a knitting addict. I'd suspected as much for a while now, but this morning confirmed it. It was my turn to be parent helper in Lily's class this morning, which is always fun, even if I do usually come home with a migraine as a result of being trapped in a room with 12 four-year-olds.

Anyway, there were plenty of moments when I was just sitting and watching the kids paint, or listening to the teacher lead circle time, or watching the drama teacher lead the kids in pretending to be underwater creaters, and all I could think during these moments was, "I could be knitting while doing this." I have a sock in progress that's been riding around in the car so that I have it with me when the opportunity to knit presents itself. I almost went out to the car several times this morning to fetch it, but I just couldn't bring myself to get it. To do so would have been to give in completely to the addiction. Plus, my mom told me that you're not allowed to knit when you're being paid to be attentive. While I don't technically get paid to be in Lily's class, I am supposed to be paying attention to the kids, not to my knitting.

So I was good and didn't knit this morning, even though I was just itching to. But as soon as I get the kids down for rest time, I'll be fishing the baby bootie I'm working on out of my knitting bag.

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Suburban Correspondent said...

Yes, it now infuriates me if I end up with some down time, but without my knitting.