Saturday, June 30, 2007

On the road again

So I've had two good weeks of running. I've made it down to the trail to run with friends twice each week, and I've even pulled off some decent, if slow, runs. Tuesday morning I even went out and ran on my own in the 'hood for the first time in weeks. This morning I managed to run four, despite the flooded trail, with Cristina and Anne. It was humid and icky, and I was sopping wet by the time I finished, but at least I finished, and I didn't feel too terrible.

I'm not quite ready to declare that I'm back to running, but it's a good start. I feel like I can legitimately wear my "Simply Run" shirt without being a poseur.

What makes my running success even more significant is that I've managed to run despite days of migraines. This is the time of year that I just get hammered with them; high humidity, heat, and allergies all contribute to the problem. The good thing is that I'm able to take Imitrex now. I wasn't allowed to take it while Iwas pregnant, and when I was nursing Ella and Lily, it was on the banned list. Now it's not; I guess they've done enough research to determine that it's not harmful to babies, or that it doesn't transmit in breastmilk. Whatever the reason, I'm profoundly grateful. Without the Imitrex, I'd have spent much of the last week in bed in a vicodin haze.

Today I have all the symptoms of a migraine - visual distortions, sensitivity to light and sound and smell, and nausea - but not the pain. It's an odd sensation. But I've taken my limit of Imitrex for the past 48 hours and can't take anymore until tomorrow. It's not too big of a problem since my head isn't throbbing.

At any rate, as soon as B finishes reading stories to the girls, I'll tuck them in and head off to my bed, too.

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