Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Children, children everywhere

Today definitely proved the axiom that it takes a village. I had children scattered all over town this morning just so I could be parent helper in Lily's class for the first time all year.

The plan was supposed to be simple - I'd take Lily and Ella to school with me, and Ella would go to her friend Lisa's house from school and I'd pick her up afterwards. The sitter was supposed to arrive in time for Brandon to leave for a meeting, and she would stay with Campbell until I got home.

Things fell apart completely. When I told Heidi that Ella wouldn't be at swim lessons, Matilda got really upset. So Heidi offered to take Ella to lessons and then deliver her to Carol's house. Fine. Then the sitter had to go to San Antonio with her real job and couldn't watch Campbell. I begged Heidi to take him for two hours, and she agreed. Then she called to say that she forgot that she had to take Matilda to art camp and asked if it was ok if Campbell went along for the ride.

I was joking at one point that I needed a color-coded chart to keep track of where all my children were and what time I was supposed to get them back again.

But as my mom pointed out, I'm very fortunate that I have the support network I do to make this morning possible. There are lots of moms who aren't so lucky.

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