Sunday, June 24, 2007

Windsor won

I ran the Windsor route yesterday for the first time since February last year. It used to be my favorite route, but not so much right now. My goal for the summer is to be able to run it comfortably, and yesterday proved that I have a long way to go.

I did ok on the stretch out Lake Austin Blvd to the boat landing, but then I fell apart when I found out that the water fountains there were no longer in service. I had been counting on that bit of rest and water to get me through the hills to come. I ended up walking for a minute to pull myself back together. I had to walk again on the steep hill. I struggled to the top to find everyone waiting for me. I did ok on the stretch along Windsor, even though I couldn't keep up with the pace. I made it to the gas station and guzzled water. I held on during the hills on Expo, only having to walk once. I was very grateful that there was a water stop, courtesy of Gilbert, at the school. I managed to drag myself through the last bit and finish running.

Cristina asked if I was glad I did the route, and I had to admit that I was, as miserable as I felt. It gave me a good starting point. And it can only get better from there, right?


The Kretzings said...

"What doesn't kill us...", right? :)

I really miss running the hills in Austin. We don't have hills in town here the same way Austin does. For those kinds of hills, I'd have to head out towards the country.

Good for you for tackling Windsor.

t. Cooke said...

What is the Windsor route? If it's easy to explain let me know. If not, no big deal.