Thursday, June 07, 2007

Head full of sticky notes

That's how I described my mind to my editor the other night. We were still sending each other work-related e-mails at 10:00, and I was having a hard time keeping things straight. I feel like my brain is covered in sticky notes. The problem is that at least have of them have fluttered away, and I'm forgetting things.

Right now I've got my work for Holt; my second project with them just came on line, and now I'm trying to keep track of two big things. Then there's Danskin. It's this Sunday, and I'm way more stressed about it than I anticipated. And I'm helping plan the going-away party for the director at our preschool. My big job was to send out invitations, and I messed that up, big time. Then there's the house, kids, husband, laundry, bill paying, grocery shopping that make up the rest of my life. I just can't get it all done.

I'll be so relieved when this week is over and I can cross Danskin and the going-away party off my list of things to worry about. I'm sure life will be better then.

How did I mess up the invitations? I sent out an evite to all current school families, then I sent a printed invitation to a list of folks the director gave me. I copied all the pertinent information straight from the evite, proofread it several times, and sent out lots of copies. I didn't notice the problem until I received the first of many e-mails and phone calls letting me know that I had forgotten to include the where and when on the invitation. Son of a bi*ch. So I had to send out postcards to the list saying "Ooops!" and providing the missing info.

Right now I'm trying to make my life less stressful by giving up on working during the day when all three kids are floating around. My goal is to not even answer e-mails. I need to stop, take a deep breath and remember to enjoy this time with them. Work and laundry and dishes and such can wait.

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Barb Matijevich said...

This is why I had to quit my job. I can multi-task but I cannot multi focus. It's a bitch but I accept that it is what it is and that I am what I am, at least for now.

(And I hate those phrases so you can tell I'm REALLY serious.) Anyway, you are right --it's a fleeting time and we have to remind ourselves to enjoy it.

Best to you at the Danskin!