Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two down, two to go

Brandon went to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico yesterday for a business trip. He'll be back Sunday afternoon. When he first mentioned the trip, more than a month ago, I figured I'd be fine and I didn't ask my mom to come help like I usually do when B is gone for more than a night or two. She came when B went on his canoe trip this Spring and was a tremendous help. My confidence in being able to handle three kids on my own for five days and four nights began to evaporate the closer we got to B's departure.

The times I have the most problems are the morning when I'm trying to get everyone out the door and bedtime when I'm trying to get Campbell in bed and make the girls brush their teeth and get on night clothes. But we've survived two nights without too many problems. Campbell, bless his little heart, has cooperated and gone to bed without any fuss. And the girls have been so tired from playdates, preschool and swim lessons that they don't have much energy left to fight me.

This morning was bad, though. Even with Heidi's help in carpooling, I was overwhelmed trying to get everyone out the door. B isn't much of a help in the mornings when he's here. He, like my mother, is useless in the morning before he's had any coffee. But just knowing that he's here as back-up is a help. Plus, he can at least get kids buckled in the car while half asleep.

Tomorrow morning should be ok. We're not going anywhere. The girls don't have swim lessons on Fridays, and I'm keeping Lily home from school because her buddy Ava is coming to play. I'm looking forward to not having to wrestle everyone into the car.

The other thing that is keeping me sane is the knowledge that I have a babysitter coming tomorrow afternoon for a few hours. I have a work-related conference call that I'm going to take while camped out at the Roes' house. Then I'm going for a pedicure and some retail therapy. I just got my Danskin paycheck, and I'm going to spend a little bit of it on me.

Brandon gets home Sunday afternoon, and I think I'm going to hand him all three kids as soon as he walks in the door and say, "Happy Father's Day!" I figure the best gift I can give him is a few hours alone with his kids!


Anonymous said...

HOK - checked your blog -I'm in the same boat - my husband is in Nova Scotia this week, was in TX last week and off to Chicago next week. I love my kids but a bit tired of being alone with them! I plan to do retail therapy on Fri too! Jennie P. / Orlando

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