Monday, June 04, 2007

Lazy days at the lake

We've spent much of the past two weekends up at our "Lake Place" on Lake LBJ outside of Kingsland. We went up Sunday and Monday last week, despite the threatening weather, and again this Sunday, which had perfect weather.

I didn't get to spend much time at the lake last summer. I got put on partial bed rest and banned from going on the boat in early July. But Brandon took the girls up at least once a weekend for most of the summer. They were lake rats by the end of August.

Now that I can go up there, I'm really appreciating that we have this little retreat. Right now it's just a lot and boat dock, but someday we'll have a house there, and it will be wonderful. Even now, in its rustic state, I love just sitting in a chair on the dock watching the boats go by and swimming with the girls and cheering for Ella when she jumps off the roof of the boat house.

Mostly I love being there because it's so peaceful and because there's no work to. Brandon is the grill master, so I don't have to be in charge of hot dogs. And the girls help themselves to fruit and snack from the cooler, so I don't have to make their meals. Plus there's no laundry to be done, no dishes staring at me, no e-mails waiting to be answered. I can sit in my chair, watch the girls swim and Campbell splash in his pool and do nothing at all. That's a rare luxury for me.

I'm enjoying it while I can, because I know that once there's a house up there, I'll be doing laundry and dishes in a different location.

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