Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogger envy

So I'm beginning to feel a bit inadequate with my blog. I've been trolling the blogosphere, reading blogs of friends and acquaintances, and boy oh boy is mine lacking. Theirs have links to other blogs, links to product reviews they've written, links to pictures (really odd pictures in some cases), and lots of labels. One blog I read even has an index of postings by category. How the heck does she do that? And then there are the ads - for blog sites, for products, for services. Do they get paid for this? Can I get paid to have ad? And if so, HOW? I'd love to have my little postings earn me some dough.

The most amazing thing is the number of comments these other bloggers get. How do that many people know about these blogs? I've shared the link to my blog with about 8 people, three of whom are either related or married to me, and they never leave comments.

But I'm torn - do I really want that many people reading my random musings? (Which is what I think of my postings as ever since watching the King of the Hill episode where Peggy takes out ads in the Arlen paper and publishes her little comments in them.) And if people do read my postings, do I really want lots of comments. After seeing some of the flame wars on other blogs, I'm not so sure I do.

Here's a few of the blogs I read:


I realize that in sharing the links with my few readers, I'm showing just how inadequate and unfancy my blog is. But I'm fine with that. Really.

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