Monday, March 30, 2009

The stealth child

My mom has always referred to Lily as the "Stealth Child" because she looks so innocent and sweet that you would never suspect her of being up to no good. Ella has an impish grin that lets you know when she's done something slightly devilish, but Lily just bats her big blue eyes and lies through her teeth.

Last night was the perfect example. At bedtime we always instruct the girls to put on nightshirts and clean panties, and until last night, we thought they always complied. Ella danced past to the bathroom to brush her teeth, but Lily sauntered by. Something made B ask if she had put on clean panties. Lily said yes, but when B gave her the raised-eyebrow stare, she admitted that she hadn't changed panties. When he told her to go back to her room and try again, she said, "But I never like changing panties at bedtime!" which elicited a collective groan from everyone in the room.

A few minutes later Lily came out of her room to show us that she had on new panties. This morning, when I climbed into Lily's bed to give her morning snuggles and wake her up, I discovered that she had indeed put on new panties - over the dirty ones.

She had obeyed the letter of the law, if not the spirit.


*Akilah Sakai* said...

*snicker* Over the dirty ones? She's just too much. LOL! Kids are little balls of laughs.

My daughter is nine, so she showers herself. Once, she finished a little too fast - like Lightning McQueen fast. More than likely, there was something on Disney she didn't want to miss.

I walked into her bathroom where she stood in her shower cap and asked her again if she'd gotten into the shower. "Yeees, mom." I looked closer and found that her lower torso was wet, the upper half was delicately splashed, but mostly as dry as a bone!

Technically, she did get in the shower.

Anonymous said...

hehe, that sounds like something my kids would do. Then they'd argue their case about how we didn't tell them they needed to take the dirty ones off first. Oy.

What is it with not changing the underwear anyway? We have to argue with all three of our underwear wearing kids all the time about changing them.

Ann in NJ said...

Yeah, my 7-yr old is to the point where I have to ask him to "show me your dirty underwear." And I'm not convinced he's not just a)showing me the same pair all week or b)showing me a clean pair. But my hubby counts the pairs in the laundry every week. The low point was 1. Ewww...

bernthis said...

I love that girl. Also, I'm hoping all is okay with your husband. Please, keep us posted. Big hugs