Friday, March 20, 2009

Beezles in "Pace"

I "met" Cheryl through Wendi. When I visited Cheryl's blog, I came across her adorable creations - Beezles - and I instantly fell in love with their scrawny legs and buck teeth. So I was delighted when Cheryl announced that she was selling Beezles on Etsy. I visited her shop and dithered over whether to buy a Beezle of my own, but in the end I decided that I just couldn't bring another thing that needs to be dusted into my home.

Instead, I bought a mixed media creation with Beezle robots in space. It complements Campbell's favorite quilt, which he calls his "pace" blanket. The quilt has squares of vintage fabric with 1950's style space robots. I think I may ask Cheryl if she'll create a few more little Space Beezles for me so that I can have a small collection to hang in Campbell's room.

Campbell loves the Space Beezles picture so much that he carries it around with him, saying "Mine! Pace!" I'm going to wait for the novelty to wear off before I attempt to hang it up. Otherwise he'll spend his days trying to figure out how to get it off the wall - and that can only lead to more trips to the ER.
(you can click to embiggen the picture)


Cheryl Prater said...

Don't let Campbell take it in the tub, they'll rust!

calicobebop said...

More trips to the ER - lol. That's boys for you! The quilt is lovely! I'd try to get it off the wall too! :)

the mama bird diaries said...

Very cute.