Sunday, April 27, 2008

No lake today

Yesterday B mentioned to the girls that we might go up to the lake today if the weather was nice. We haven't been up since last October, so the girls were thrilled at the thought of a day swimming and boating. Little did they know that if we went, part of the day would be spent putting things to rights - mowing the grass, picking up sticks, cleaning the boat, etc. But fun still would have been had.

Alas, it is not to be. The morning started with a whopper of a thunderstorm and torrential rain. The thunder has let up, but the rain hasn't, and the weather channel is showing huge green and orange blobs heading our way.

Plus, Ella woke up with a fever. I should have known it was coming. Last night she was so tired she just about fell asleep at the dinner table. I put both girls in bed to read at 6:30, and they were asleep by 6:45.

So we'll spend the day being lazy couch potatoes, watching cartoons and movies. I've already announced that we're having house-wide quiet time when Campbell goes down for his nap.

Next weekend is B's birthday, and we'll definitely head to the lake then.

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