Monday, April 14, 2008

If you give a boy a bat

. . . he will whack something with it.

I found out on Easter that hitting things with bats is programmed into boy DNA. Despite the brisk weather, we had a picnic at the park with B's family (the ONLY reason we did this was because his brother and sister-in-law, whom we don't see enough of, were in town), and the kids' aunt and uncle brought a scary bunny pinata.

We brought a bat for the pinata, and as soon as Campbell got his little hands on the bat, he was looking for things to whack. He bee-lined for the pinata and started swinging, yelling, "Go! Go!" every time he did. It was both funny and frightening. I forsee lots of bat swinging and broken windows and injured sisters in his future.

It took both girls to pry the bat away from Campbell when it was their turn to hit the pinata. After it finally broke, we left it hanging in the tree for Campbell to continue swinging at.


Anonymous said...

1. That bunny is terrifying.

2. I love how the girls team up together to get the bat away from C.

3. Neither of my sons has met a stick he hasn't liked. If I had a dollar for every time I've said "Put the stick down!" or "Don't swing the stick!" we could pay cash for our new house.

How're ya feeling?

The Kretzings said...

I didn't know if it was a toddler thing or a boy thing, but your post makes me think it's a boy thing.

Like Fishygirl said, "If I had a dollar..." - that's us too.

I am happy to say we haven't had any major incidents yet with the t-ball set he got for his birthday.