Thursday, April 17, 2008

All adither

I have a real-live work-related meeting tomorrow morning in which I get to pitch myself as the perfect freelance writer to take on what could be a large writing project. The potential job is through a small, but very well respected, marketing and PR firm here in Austin, which shall remain unnamed. But if you live in Austin, you've seen their work.

I got the referral through my good friend O'Pine, who had been offered the writing job but then decided it wasn't his cup of tea. So he gave the account manager my name as a candidate.

So even though O'Pine has assured me that I'll be fine, I'm still worried. This is really the first time since leaving the "real" work world that I've had to pitch myself for a job. Everything I've done at the textbook company I've worked with for the past five years has sort of just been given to me because I was in their system as a reliable freelancer. I've worked my way up through the trenches there to the big projects I've been given in the past year. This is the first time I'll be going in cold.

Also, it's a big project with technical writing. I'm worried that that part of my brain has stagnated a bit.

And then there's the issue of what to wear. I don't have work clothes. At the textbook company I can get away with khakis or a skirt and a polo shirt. This firm, though, is known as hip and cool, and I don't have hip and cool and work-like clothes. O'Pine has assured me that jeans and a cool shirt will be fine, but I don't know if I can do that.

So I'm considering going shopping, which seems kind of pointless. Within weeks, if not days, I'm not going to fit into any of my clothing.

So I'm all adither. What, dear readers, would you do?


Anonymous said...

I'm not really your go-to person for hip and cool but I can try. Wear a skirt you already have with some fun sandals and a shirt from Target or Old Navy. Of course you can buy new sandals if you need to because they will still fit in a few weeks. And if your shirt comes from Target or Old Navy it will be reasonably hip while still being reasonably priced.

Let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

You could buy yourself a nice hip cool outfit - afterall you won't be pregnant forever and will be able to wear it again next spring.

Good Luck
Love your blog

Barb Matijevich said...

OR... I know this is SO EIGHTH GRADE but you could borrow. Is there someone you know who is about your size who you know well enough to ask? I find that borrowing clothes is a bonding opportunity and let's face it, we're all flattered to be asked and we've all needed to ask at some point.

I wish I still was in Austin because I have loads of clothes that would look a lot better on you than they will on me if I ever get back to that size again.

Not that I'm bitter.

MadMad said...

Oh, I'm getting all gaspy just thinking of it....! Yikes. But congrats anyway - I'm sure you will do just fine. Sometimes the anticipation of things is worse than the actual thing.

Sorry to hear you're still sick! I hope it does go away soon!

Anonymous said...

I second the borrowing idea. Otherwise pick your hippest girlfriend and go shopping for at least one good outfit. If you need maternity clothes there's a lot of the liz lange stuff from target that is very very stretchy but doesn't look like maternity stuff. In fact (embarrassed confession here) I was looking at a top today before I realized it was maternity. If you don't need the maternity clothes, then get something that fits you well, now, because you will use it again after the baby's born.

If you are worried about tech writing, we can always talk shop. That's what I used to do. I always found that talking shop helped my brain get up and go.

Keeffer said...

is it too late to weigh and and say the phrase "mistrust all endeavors which require new clothes" is a crock of malarkey?

go shopping, buy yourself something regardless of whether it will fit in a few weeks or not. you'll feel more comfortable interviewing in an outfit that was picked out for the occasion, and therefore be more confident in the interview.

and then, you'll get the job, which will pay for the outfit, and you'll be able to wear it again when new baby is born.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking thrift store funky or borrow funky or some combo of the two. And cool earrings. And then you go rock their socks off, sister...