Wednesday, April 16, 2008


People keep asking how I'm feeling, and I'm sure they're getting tired of my answer, because it's always the same - awful. I do my best to smile when I say it, in the hopes that if I look cheerful, I'll feel better. But it's not working.

Last week was a bit better. I didn't feel queasy in the mornings, but I could set my watch by the arrival of the 4:30 nausea express every afternoon. I was hopeful that the fact that I wasn't sick in the mornings was a sign that the nausea was easing up, but no such luck. This week I'm back to all-day queasiness.


Friends and strangers alike have been offering me all sorts of advice on ways to quell the nausea, but believe me, I've tried them all. The funniest was a male friend offering tips on how to deal with the queasiness. His wife saw the look in my eyes and dragged him away. It's a good thing she did, because as much as I like the man, I was about to lose it. What does a man know about morning sickness?

I also get frustrated talking to some of my running friends, none of whom have ever dealt with the level of nausea that I have. Some have the attitude that I should just eat some crackers and get over it all ready. If only it were that easy.

When I was pregnant with Lily and Campbell, my nausea ended somewhere between 14 and 15 weeks, and it stopped over night. I'm hoping the same thing happens this time - that a switch will flip and I'll feel better. But since I'm only 11 weeks along, that means I still have 3 to 4 weeks left of misery.


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Anonymous said...

You poor thing. I had the afternoon/evening nausea and it was brutal. Keeping a cotton ball with a few drops of peppermint oil nearby helped, but not entirely. I wish you could find some magic cracker to make it go away!