Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Notes from Ella

Ella, even before she could write, would send me notes whenever she had been confined to her room for various transgressions. Some have been pretty funny; others pretty pitiful. Once she drew a picture of me with fangs and wrote, "Big Mama! Bad Mama!" on it. Another time she just drew a picture of me with a circle around it and a line through it.

She does sometimes leave me nice notes, like the time I found a thank you note tucked under my pillow.

This Saturday's note was on the pitiful end of things. Two of her buddies were outside playing, and Ella wanted to join them. However, I was walking up to the store, and B was in the shower, so there wasn't anyone to be outside to supervise her. I told Ella that when I got back she could go outside. Unfortunately, by the time I got home, her friends weren't outside playing anymore. Ella launched into one of her famous screaming fits. So she was sent to her room, while Lily, who was being extra good of course, was allowed to play on the computer.

When I went in to Ella's room to talk to her about her behavior, she was in the process of writing the following note on a stack of kleenex with a hot pink marker. I ignored the note while I was talking to her, so Ella taped it to her bedroom door.

Here's the note:

I want to have fun too! Lily gets to play on the computer I want to too. You don't like ME! You don't let me have FUN! You don't care about my feelings. You like little ones more.

I can only guess that by little ones, she means Lily and Campbell.

And as for not letting her have fun . . . let's just say she had a lot of fun over the weekend. She went to a picnic at the park with her grandmother, had a sleepover at a friend's house and went on a bike ride with B.

Nope, no fun at all around here.

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