Wednesday, April 09, 2008

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Lily and B before her beloved "ballelet" class. B hates to have his picture taken; Lily loves it.


Anonymous said...

Adorable. You can tell how happy she is.

Tell B - tell him that my mother hated to have her picture taken. Hated it. So now, I have VERY FEW pictures of my mother, most of them either really bad pictures because someone had to sneak up on her to get it (my favorite is one where she is chasing my uncle with a fireplace poker because he was following her around with the camera), or really old - none from how I remember her. Tell B to suck it up and take lots of pictures, tons and tons of them - because it will mean so much to your kids. They'll love them. My kids LOVE pictures of me and BDF, old and current. We just turned the camera over to them, and let them take all the digital pictures of us that they want to. Ugly or not.

The Kretzings said...

Super cute picture of two of your loves.

I also like the new "About Me" picture of the kiddos. Will you have room for one more in those laundry baskets? :)