Monday, December 03, 2007

Wandering baby

Yesterday afternoon I left the kids outside with B, who was putting up Christmas lights, while I went inside to start dinner. About 15 minutes later, B opened the front door and dropped Campbell in the house.

It turns out B had turned his back on Campbell, who had taken off down the sidewalk. Gasp. Fortunately, he marched over to our neighbors' house and started banging on their front door. When our neighbor opened the door, perplexed by what was going on, Campbell barged right past her and headed toward the toys in the living room.

Earlier in the day, my mom had asked if I thought Campbell knew that friends lived next door, or if a house was a house was a house. I said that I didn't think he knew who lived where. Given Campbell's adventure, I'm thinking I may be wrong.

Whether he knew what he was doing or not, I am immensely grateful that he went to L's house, not some stranger's. And that he went next door, not across the street or down the block.


Suburban Correspondent said...

It's scary how things can happen in an instant with little kids. You can watch over them like a hawk for 2 years and then turn your back for 2 minutes and you're in trouble. I hate that.

Family Adventure said...

I have to laugh a little at his determination...but thank goodness he didn't decide to cross the road, like you said.