Monday, December 17, 2007

The lucky wallet

Several years ago my mother gave me a "magic" wallet for my birthday. It was this little tiny thing what held the money in the middle with elastic. There were a few slots for credit cards and a driver's license, but that was it. It was the perfect size to tuck in my pocket, which was great because I never carry a purse. Unfortunately, while the wallet was "magic" (J. Crew's term, not mine), it was unlucky. I went through two of them - I melted one, and someone stole the other. After the second was stolen, I decided it was time to give up on the magic wallet and try something else.

I bought a really cool wallet in Chicago at store on Michigan Ave. It's by a company called Vy and Elle, and it's made of recycled vinyl from billboards. It's hip and cool, and huge, which causes its own problems. But this morning confirmed that it is the luckiest wallet ever.

Because the wallet is so big, I can't cram it in my pockets. As a result, I tend to leave it places. This summer, I put it on the hood of my car while at a gas station in far south Austin. I got all the way home before I realized that the wallet wasn't in the car. So I drove ALL the way back. Fortunately, the wallet was sitting on the ground in the parking lot of the gas station where it had landed when it flew off the hood.

Several weeks ago I went shopping at a fabric store with Campbell, and I tossed the wallet in the basket of the shopping cart. I ended up not buying anything, so I returned the cart to the corral at the front of the store and took Campbell out to the car. I had him completely buckled in his seat when I realized that I had left my wallet in the cart. So I unbuckled Campbell and ran back in the store. I searched for the cart for a few minutes before going up to the customer service counter, where my wallet was waiting for me.

This morning I stopped at the grocery store at 6:30 on my way home from running to pick up a few things and get cash to finish tipping out teachers. While I was shopping I had the wallet crammed in the pocket of my running vest. But when I got my cash back, I put it in the wallet and dropped the wallet on the seat of the cart. It wasn't until I went out to the car to get the cash for various envelopes that I realized what I had done. I hopped in the car, leaving Ella rather confused on the sofa, and drove back to the store, which is less than a mile away. And there was my wallet, sitting in the seat of the cart, right where I had left it.

I think the moral of these stories is that I need to learn to carry a purse.


Family Adventure said...

Lucky wallet indeed!!


Suburban Correspondent said...

Get a wrist strap for the wallet or attach it to a lanyard that you can loop through a belt loop.

MadMad said...

Now that is a great wallet! (I had something else to say, but have since forgotten because while I was waiting for the message thing to load, I started reading the post below and was giggling about telling someone the girls had different daddies... They look so cute!