Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm back

It's been a rough week around here, and every post I started was a litany of the things that were going wrong. So I decided that if I couldn't say anything nice, I shouldn't say anything at all. I think today I can say something nice, or at least not whiny.

Here I go.

Ella has been the climbiest of my kids. She's been climbing since she knew she had legs. At age two, B taught her how to shinny up door frames, and we haven't been able to keep her feet on the ground since. She still climbs door frames, and trees, and poles, and furniture, and anything else she can get a toehold on. We've started her in rock climbing classes to give her a constructive place to climb.

Now it looks like Campbell will be following in her footsteps. Every time I turn around these days, he's either on top of something or halfway up something. He figured out that if he puts a stepstool next to the coffee table, he can stand on the coffee table. When we took away the stepstool, he rolled his little pushtoy over to the coffee table and used that as a step. Yesterday morning I took something away from him and put it on my bed-side table. An ottoman was next to the table, so Campbell climbed on the ottoman and then onto the table. When he summitted the table, he screeched and clapped, so proud of what he had done. B and I watched Campbell, just to see if he could get on the table. When he did, we both looked at each other and sighed. We know all too well what we're in for.

I just hope that Campbell has Ella's level of coordination, but it's not looking good so far. We had always figured that with Ella's climbing we'd end up in the ER on a regular basis with her. But she seems to have inherited her father's cat-like grace and agility (his words, not mine), and she almost never falls. Campbell, on the other hand, falls every couple of minutes, mostly because he rushes headlong around the house. He's very good at running, not so good at stopping. I have the feeling our Thanksgiving trip to the ER won't be our last.

He's on the coffee table again - gotta go.


Suburban Correspondent said...

It's a wonder sometimes that we can get anything done, aside from keeping the little daredevils from hurting themselves.

Family Adventure said... husband would say *the exact same thing*.

I hope Campbell is a quick study.

I'm sorry your week was rough -- I missed you!! Hope the weekend is better.