Friday, December 07, 2007

My Elf name

I saw this link over on the Bloghore's site, and I clicked it just out of curiosity, not at all intending to post about it. But when I saw my elf name, I burst out laughing because it is just so appropriate.

My Elf Name Is...

Grumpy Snaggle Tooth

It's been a week from hell, and as my husband and children can attest, I've been pretty damn grumpy all week. And as I've written about, my teeth are falling apart - one is even sticking way out of line on the bottom. Some day, if I ever get my teeth to stop falling apart, I'm going to have braces again. I long for straight teeth.

So based on just my name, the the Elf Name site gave me the most perfect name I could imagine.


ckh said...

My oldest daughter's other top front tooth is about to go - any minute now - and since there is a gap left behind by its missing partner, it dangles there like a snaggle tooth. I've been calling her that and trying to figure out if I'm giving her fodder for therapy.

Seamus O'Pine said...

Mine is Pixie Candy Cane Lips. How appropriate is that!