Friday, December 21, 2007

It's official

Yesterday afternoon and this morning confirmed my worst fears - Campbell has inherited my lack of coordination.

We visited my friend EWM yesterday afternoon in her new house, which has stairs. The big kids played out in the yard, while E and I stayed inside with Campbell. He, like Ella, is obsessed with stairs. I sat on a stool a few feet from the staircase and watched him practice on the bottom three steps. He was doing a very good job crawling up the three steps and then holding on to the banister rails to go back down. Unfortunately, I let my guard down.

Campbell crawled up five stairs and turned around to walk back down. I stood up to help, and as I did, he lost his balance while reaching for the railing. With sickening thuds, he rolled down the stairs. I was sure, based on the way he fell, that he had broken his arm. I scooped him up at the bottom, holding him while he shrieked, as E came running in from the kitchen. I checked his limbs, which all seemed to be working, and examined his head and mouth for blood. The final result - two more lumps on his forehead. He calmed down pretty quickly, but I was shaky for the whole rest of the day. I kept seeing his little life flashing before my eyes and I replayed his slow-motion roll down the stairs.

He did learn from his fall, though. As soon as I put him down when he had finished crying, Campbell headed right back to the stairs with me two feet behind him. I expected him to start climbing again, but instead he stopped, shook his head no, and made this funny little "ooohhhh" sound. He did it several more times during our visit.

This morning I fell while running, again. I used to say that I fell once a year, but this was my third tumble in 2007, so I may have to adjust my figures. I tripped over a big rock on the trail and went flying. Fortunately, my shirt and gloves took most of the damage. I have a bit of road rash on my hand, hip, and shoulder. But if I hadn't been wearing gloves and shirt, I would have been in a lot of pain.

The first thing I said after I fell was, "But I'm wearing my glasses!" Usually I only fall right after I've taken my glasses off and I haven't adjusted to the change in my depth perception. The second thing I said was, "Oh, poor Campbell." E was with me when I fell, and she laughed in sympathy. Unfortunately, I think Campbell has a long history of falls, bangs, and bruises ahead of him.

In the meantime, I'm wearing SpongeBob bandaids on my hand and nursing my bruised shoulder. Campbell, on the other hand, seems no worse for his tumble yesterday. If only I could recover that quickly.


Family Adventure said...

Ouch...twice over! Poor Campbell, and poor you. At least he learned from his mistake this time! He's getting older and wiser :)


Suburban Correspondent said...

Our house has 2 flights of hardwood stairs (13 steps each). Each of the kids has taken a tumble all the way down, once - they really learn from their mistakes (when they survive them). It amazes me how they bounce back - I slipped down a few of the steps once and I thought I would have to call 911.