Sunday, December 23, 2007


Today, just some random pictures. First, photographic proof that I exist. It's not the best picture of me, but I so rarely have my picture taken that I'll take what I can get.

Each Christmas I dream of a decorator-style Christmas tree with a theme and perfectly spaced ornaments and lights. But then I remember that if I had a tree like that, I wouldn't have ornaments like these. Lily made the one on the left at preschool two years ago. The angel's wings are her tracings of her hands. Ella made the one on the right at home so she'd have an angel to match. They must always be together on the tree because they're friends.

This was my very first Christmas ornament, given to me by my great aunt and uncle, Rose Marie and Donald. She's the Littlest Angel. I know there's some story about the littlest angel, but I can remember it. Looking at the picture, I realized what bad shape the ornament is in. I think I may have to store her someplace other than the big Christmas box in the garage this year. B and I made this star out of cardboard and tin foil our first Christmas together. We were poor, and our ornament collection was slim. We still use it every year, but B's dad pointed out that it might be time for a new coating of tin foil. This one has burn marks from the lights.

And finally, here's Ella in her Christmas dress from my mother-in-law. I know, it's not really as bad looking as I make it sound in my complaint post. But it just isn't my style, and I'm still irked my m-i-l felt she could buy the girls their dresses. Ella was thrilled that I let her wear it to school for her class Christmas party, until she had worn it for about 30 minutes. Then she started complaining that the netting in the crinoline was catching on her tights and that she stepped on the hem every time she bent down to pick something up. I told her fashion isn't always pretty and pushed her out the door.


Family Adventure said...

I'm not loving that dress either, to be honest, but your girl is beautiful. She definitely resembles her mother. :)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I LOVE that you shared these pics and I LOVE the star...