Friday, December 07, 2007

First haircut

I've been trying to take Campbell for a haircut for a while now. His little baby mullet had outgrown its cute stage and had just turned embarrassing. B, however, was absolutely opposed to my taking Campbell to get his hair cut. Finally, when one of our friends commented on how Campbell was showing B's redneck southern roots, B relented and said I could take the baby for a trim. But when I said that I'd take him to Miss Pam, who cuts my hair and the girls' hair, B protested again. "He's a boy, so he goes to the barber," B said. I gave in, and this morning I took Campbell to B's barber.

I should note that we all go to the same barbershop/beauty parlor. It's called the Crestview Barbershop, and it is a complete throwback to the '50s. Miss Pam is the owner, and she has several other stylists and barbers working there. It is definitely the hub of our little neighborhood. Folks stop in to gossip and show off pictures of babies and grandchildren. Older, retired men hang out all morning trading stories. This morning they were all discussing where they were 66 years ago today when Pearl Harbor was bombed. The barbershop is one of the many things that makes our little section of Austin so cool.

Back to the haircut. Campbell sat up on Tony the Pony for Jarrod, B's barber, and he was very quiet and good the whole time. The only time he moved was to listen to the men around him talking. Campbell didn't even flinch when Jarrod pulled out the electric razor.

Lots of Campbell's curls are gone, but there are plenty left. And I can see the back of his sweet baby neck again. Still, he looks like a big boy now, not a baby. Sob.


Family Adventure said...

Oh, he is still so, so cute ! :)

That sounds like a cool barber/hair dresser.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You did good Mom and he's STILL adorable...



The Kretzings said...

Long or short hair, Campbell is always adorable. Congrats on the first haircut.

Steve still cuts Andrew's hair while I restrain him (Andrew). Andrew cries and wiggles the entire time, while scissors and the electric clippers are whizzing all around. We all loathe the event, that's why we try to go as long as we can between haircuts, which leaves us in Moptop City most of the time.