Monday, December 10, 2007

This is not our Christmas card picture

Yesterday was picture day. The girls were all gussied up for our trip to see the Nutcracker, so I crammed Campbell into his Christmas jumper and hoped for the best. I took approximately 70 pictures of the kids with LR's good camera with the super fast motor in the hopes of getting ONE good one of all three kids. I knew I could get a shot of the girls, since they understand bribery. Campbell was the wild card in the bunch. He doesn't sit still at all these days, so I knew confining him to a chair with his sisters was not going to make him happy.
I tried three different locations for the pictures, and none worked. First the kids sat in one of the big chairs from the front porch, but Campbell wanted nothing to do with that. Then we moved inside to the sofa and then on to my big bed. Nothing worked.
This is the picture B wanted to use. Can't you just tell Campbell is thinking "What the hell are you doing? I want out of here!"

I let Campbell climb in his little car and asked the girls to get down next to him in the hopes that I could get one shot of him smiling. Instead, the girls did this. They want to use this picture as our card.

And finally, it's not a real Christmas card photo shoot until someone cries. Ella was the only one who didn't burst into tears.


The Kretzings said...

I feel your pain. Last night was our picture night, and Mr. 20-month old wouldn't sit still and Miss Newborn was hard to pose without her looking scrunched and neck-less.

You'll be receiving our least blurry photos in holiday card form soon.

Ho, ho, sigh... ;)

Suburban Correspondent said...

Go to Snapfish or Kodak and use one of the Christmas cards that allows you to use 2 or 3 photos on it. Then go back through the year and find your best ones. That's the only way we manage to do a photo card.

Although I sort of like the one with the car. It's very cute. Maybe do a 3-picture card and make that the middle picture?

Family Adventure said...

LOL! Love these!